Brain Games in the BabeCave

There are differences between brain games and brain training. It’s very much like doing a couple of sit ups compared to going to the gym and following the regimen specified by your trainer. This doesn’t mean that brain games don’t have their uses. They do. But, to get the full benefits of optimal brain activity, you want to have a more rigorous program defined that keeps you on track.

Crossword Puzzles

Many people love to do crossword puzzles and do them without much thought that it could be helping their brains. If you believe that keeping your brain active will keep it healthy later in life, then frequently doing crossword puzzles is a good activity to engage in.

Puzzle Games

If you are not into crossword puzzles, you should consider puzzle games. These types of games will get you to focus on problem solving. There is a brain-iac belief that pathways created in our brain as a result of solving problems can help reinforce the brain’s capacity. However, not all scientific studies are in agreement with this conclusion. This is giving me a headache!

Quizzes and Trivia

Do you tend to be more analytical? Then, you may want to focus on quizzes and other games, like trivia. These can challenge your knowledge. Repeated use of trivia games will enhance your learning, at least in the subjects that you choose to quiz yourself on.
The last group of games that you could participate in, are ones where you need to think ahead in order to solve the puzzle or problem at hand. Sudoku and chess are great examples of these types of games.

Brain Training

Brain training offers a more formal approach than brain games. Here, you are given a curriculum and requested to perform brain exercises, including brain games. The training is often structured for each individual.

The motives of many brain training companies is to make a profit. Although companies have the right to make money, make sure the companies you are considering are legitimate. Ask a lot of questions and try to seek the advice of others who experienced these programs. Otherwise, you may end up paying hefty fees and receive little to no brain benefit. Even if you decide not to enroll in braining training programs, if you enjoy playing games, participate in as many brain games that you find. We’re never too old to learn. When you’re relaxing in your BabeCave, read a book, do a puzzle, play a challenging game on your computer, write down your memories or future plans. Train your brain ladies! Keep your noggin nourished and your synapses firing.

Life Hack Solutions Make Your Day Easier

We are constantly running into pesky little obstacles in life that make things difficult. Luckily, there are ways to avoid these nuisances through the use of “life hacks.” Life hacks are uncommon solutions to common problems.

Life Hack Solutions

We know we have bigger things to worry about than a scratch on the new kitchen table or popping the zipper on a favorite pair of pants. With these life hacks, everyday objects can be used in unusual ways to make life easier. The list that follows includes ten life hacks that will help you manage your time in a more efficient way and clear your mind of some of the petty problems in your life.

1. Rub a walnut on scratched or damaged wooden furniture to cover up the blemishes.

2. Bust your zipper? Attach a key ring on the zipper and slip it over the button of you pants.

3. Instead of ice cubes, freeze grapes and put them in white wine. Ice cubes water the wine down. Frozen grapes keep your wine cool and give you one essential serving of fruit for the day! What a way to get nutrition as you relax in your BabeCave.

4. Do you have so many keys that your key ring makes you look like a prison guard? Use nail polish to identify different keys.

5. Clip a clothespin onto a nail to hold the nail in place while hammering. Your fingers will thank you!

6. Put a wooden spoon across a boiling pot of water to keep it from boiling over. Never knew that one, did you?!

7. Take some aluminum foil, ball it up, and throw it into the dryer. It will eliminate static cling and act as a dryer sheet.

8. Crumple up newspaper and stuff it in your shoes to absorb odor and moisture.

9. Paint clear nail polish onto the buttons of your shirts to keep them from unraveling. The polish will hold the thread and the button together so your button doesn’t fall off.

10. Break in new shoes in no time at all. Wear a pair of thick socks and put on your new shoes. Use a hair dryer to blow over tight areas for five minutes. This helps as our pretty feet get fat with age!

Life is good! with Life Hacks

Do you have any other usable life hacks to share with your BabeCave babes? Reply in the Comments section below and we’ll keep this list growing. Life is good! Life hacks make it better!

Improve Credit Score: Clean Up Bad Credit


Bad credit can make life much more difficult than it should be. You may have trouble qualifying for loans and credit cards, and if you do get credit cards, they might have high interest rates. Also, your current creditors might raise your interest rates. You might even have trouble getting a job or signing up for utilities.

It’s no fun when your credit haunts you in everything you try to do. But it is possible to get your credit back on the right track. Here are some simple steps you can take to get your credit report back into shape.

  • Request a free copy of your credit report from all three reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires each of these companies to provide you with a free copy of your credit report, at your request, once every 12 months. To order, visit  Currently, this is the only source for getting a free copy of your report as required by law.

Since you can get a free copy of your report from each agency once a year, take the opportunity to do so. Scour each report for errors. If there is something that you don’t recognize, or if a creditor has reported incorrect information, file a dispute with the credit bureau or bureaus that list that information. They are required by law to investigate, and if the information is found to be false, it must be removed.

  • Pay your debts down. When you have one or more credit cards that are maxed out, your credit score will suffer. Stop charging for a while and put as much money as possible toward lowering your balances. Soon your credit score will start rising.
  • Get caught up on your payments. If you’re currently behind, that will seriously impact your credit score. If you have a past delinquency but are now current in your payments, the delinquencies will have an effect, but they won’t be nearly as serious. If you’re having trouble making your payments, talk to creditors and see if they will accept reduced payments and bring your account current. Many will be willing to work with you.
  • Sometimes you can benefit from getting another credit card, as long as you do not use it. This gives you more available credit, lowering your balance-to-credit-limit ratios which improves your credit score. But if the temptation to charge would be too great, you’re better off just trying to pay off the debt you already have.
  • If you have a lot of past credit problems that are still haunting you, try getting a secured credit card from your bank or a credit agency. These cards require a deposit to secure your credit line, but they will help you rebuild your credit as long as you keep up with your payments.

There’s no way to instantly improve your credit. But by following these steps, you can improve your credit scores in a few months’ time. Good luck!

Laptop Buying Guide

When buying a laptop, most women want something stylish but functional. We can’t forget: whether it’s computers or partners, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. This laptop buying guide will go over a few important things to consider before your next purchase.


When buying a laptop, size matters. If you want something to fit in your bag, go for something around 13 inches. It’s small but will still have multiple USB ports, a DVD drive, and the power to do what you like, whether it’s browsing the Web or writing a document.


To be able to multitask without your computer becoming slower, make sure your dream laptop has at least two processing cores. To explain: a quad-core processor is a chip with four independent units called cores that read and execute instructions such as add and move data. Within the chip, each core operates in conjunction with other circuits. The individual cores in a dual- or quad-core processor can run multiple instructions at the same time, increasing overall speed for programs.


Random Access Memory (or RAM) is the computer’s short-term memory and will help things load faster. Most people just need 4GB of RAM. However, you need more RAM for gaming or encoding video. The good news is, you can always upgrade RAM.

Hard Drive

You will want a hard drive that is big enough to hold your data. Larger hard drives typically cost more money, but you can upgrade the hard drives on most laptops.


Make sure that the battery will last for at least four hours. You don’t want to be chained to a wall when you bought a laptop for the portability of it!

Laptop Buying Guide: Extra Considerations

Another thing to consider is heat production. Make sure there are rubber feet on the bottom of the laptop to let air flow from underneath.

Having vibrant screen quality is also important. Make sure you can easily change the brightness settings on the keyboard. Check the screen’s resolution and quality: the higher resolution, the better. Compare it to a cheaper laptop; you’ll be able to spot the difference.

All of these things will help you be able to find the perfect laptop for you. Good luck!