Life Hack Solutions Make Your Day Easier

We are constantly running into pesky little obstacles in life that make things difficult. Luckily, there are ways to avoid these nuisances through the use of “life hacks.” Life hacks are uncommon solutions to common problems.

Life Hack Solutions

We know we have bigger things to worry about than a scratch on the new kitchen table or popping the zipper on a favorite pair of pants. With these life hacks, everyday objects can be used in unusual ways to make life easier. The list that follows includes ten life hacks that will help you manage your time in a more efficient way and clear your mind of some of the petty problems in your life.

1. Rub a walnut on scratched or damaged wooden furniture to cover up the blemishes.

2. Bust your zipper? Attach a key ring on the zipper and slip it over the button of you pants.

3. Instead of ice cubes, freeze grapes and put them in white wine. Ice cubes water the wine down. Frozen grapes keep your wine cool and give you one essential serving of fruit for the day! What a way to get nutrition as you relax in your BabeCave.

4. Do you have so many keys that your key ring makes you look like a prison guard? Use nail polish to identify different keys.

5. Clip a clothespin onto a nail to hold the nail in place while hammering. Your fingers will thank you!

6. Put a wooden spoon across a boiling pot of water to keep it from boiling over. Never knew that one, did you?!

7. Take some aluminum foil, ball it up, and throw it into the dryer. It will eliminate static cling and act as a dryer sheet.

8. Crumple up newspaper and stuff it in your shoes to absorb odor and moisture.

9. Paint clear nail polish onto the buttons of your shirts to keep them from unraveling. The polish will hold the thread and the button together so your button doesn’t fall off.

10. Break in new shoes in no time at all. Wear a pair of thick socks and put on your new shoes. Use a hair dryer to blow over tight areas for five minutes. This helps as our pretty feet get fat with age!

Life is good! with Life Hacks

Do you have any other usable life hacks to share with your BabeCave babes? Reply in the Comments section below and we’ll keep this list growing. Life is good! Life hacks make it better!