Interior Design: Create Your Space

Major projects understandably have better results when there is a plan and an end goal in mind. To create your very own BabeCave, you should know your end goal, plan out the details, organize your plan, and break your design project into achievable tasks.

You know how you eat the elephant, right?: one bite at a time. You don’t want to rush in with the great idea to create your own BabeCave sanctuary and immediately start knocking down walls.

To start, implement, and achieve a great BabeCave design project, you need to know your end goal. Then, you can work backwards to plan then execute your design project perfectly.

Keep an Idea Log

An artist in any sense of the word should keep an idea log. You can use your smartphone, a notebook, or even napkins as long as you can keep track of them. Even if you think you could never forget such a genius idea, write it down with every detail associated with it just in case.

Develop the Plan. Work the Plan.

Make yourself a detailed map or draw out the end goal of your BabeCave design project. Start with small steps or tasks, arranged in an order you can accomplish within a few hours. For example: clear the space, clean the space, prepare walls to paint, etc. This will help you work out project specifics and will also help you come up with other ideas and details to push the project along.

Make Lists

Whenever you are planning a project, you need to make lists for everything. Keep lists of supplies you already have and supplies you need, as well as lists of items and tasks that need to be completed to reach your end goal a task at a time.

Buy All Supplies

Use your lists, of course. Never go to the store without a complete list of everything you need, including brands if you know.

Prep Your Work Area

Get your BabeCave space ready for your end goal. Clear out old items, put up tape if needed, and do all prep work in advance.

Thorough preparation is key to reaching the end goal of creating your BabeCave.

Organization before Execution

Organize everything you need to complete your project, using your lists and drawings from the planning stage. This will help you avoid being caught without a tool or supply that you need.

Recheck Everything

You’ve planned and prepared to reach your end goal. Look over all of your plans, lists, and prepared supplies twice to make sure you are ready to start the first task in your design project.

Make your BabeCave the Sanctuary you Deserve

With your plans and drawings on hand, and your carefully prepped work space, you are ready to make your vision take shape, starting one task at a time. Simply by developing a step-by-step plan to reach your end goal, you can make your BabeCave, turning available space into the sanctuary you deserve.