Seasonal Decorations in Your Babe Cave

Nature redecorates itself beautifully every season, doesn’t it? It’s only natural that we want to spruce up our Babe Caves to match the magnificent new season. Here are some ways to spruce up your Cave with seasonal decorations for spring and summer.

Decorate with Flowers

Decorate with flowers. Cut flowers are expensive and have a short lifespan. Silk flowers are pretty and last much, much longer. If you prefer real flowers, consider potted plants. As long as they get enough sun and water, they will live for a long time, making them much more cost-effective than cut flowers. Of course, if you have your own flower garden, use your own cut flowers and be proud that you have the gift of a “green thumb”!

Keep It Light

If dark curtains make the Babe Cave look too wintry, sew or hang curtains in a lighter color. Make or buy some simple spring-themed throw pillows for the couch, and create a nice spring centerpiece for your side table. If you put your creativity to work, you can have lots of new spring items for next to nothing. Or, go out and get what you want. After all, this is YOUR Babe Cave. Do what you want to make it your own!

Is your furniture hindering your spring decorating efforts? Try some slipcovers. You can find them to fit most couches and chairs, and they come in a variety of colors and fabrics. A light or pastel color will complement the rest of your summery décor.

Bring Outdoors In

Rocks and pieces of wood are available in certain stores or the great outdoors. They can easily be cleaned and painted in a spring color and motif. Place them in windowsills and on end tables. Use a large painted rock as a doorstop or focal piece.

Keep It Fresh

Pick up some candles in pastel colors and fresh scents. They will make your BabeCave smell great. The light colors make a great accent for any shelf, table or sconce.

Spruce Up With Seasonal Decorations

Decorating for the season is lots of fun, and it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive. Finding deals on Babe Cave items and creating some of your own accent pieces or furniture coverings allow you to prime your Babe Cave for inspiration, education, and much needed relaxation!

Map Out Your Babe Cave Design Ideas

A design project, big or small, has to follow a process. The best design ideas often do not come fully formed and ready for execution. They usually start as the tiniest inkling of an idea, and require lots more thought and planning before they are ready to come to life. You have to approach your ideas for designing your Babe Cave in the right way so you don’t get overwhelmed or accidentally end up with an outcome that is more amusing (or depressing) than effective.

Dream It

The first step in any design process is coming up with that initial idea – and of course, available space to turn into your Babe Cave. This is the easy part. It’s after the idea first hits you that you have to hold on and keep the idea moving.

Write It

Whenever you come up with that first initial idea for the design of your Babe Cave, write it down immediately. It is too easy to forget the details of genius plans; writing down the idea gives you more of a chance to expand on it. Throughout your BabeCave design project, remember to keep writing all subsequent ideas or details down. In previous posts, Blonde Betty suggests keeping an idea log.

Imagine It

Hold on to that initial idea and picture the design happening step by step. This will help you realize and remember potentially important details and to further expand on the details of your design. Again, don’t forget to write everything down as you go.

Plan It

Once you have the details thought out, you are ready to start your plan of action. Make yourself lists of the items you need, people you need to call, and whatever other items of action will need to complete.

Map It

Draw and/or write out your design plans in the most detailed way possible. Think of it as an instruction manual for your idea. Seeing it planned out in a map, diagram, or drawing will help you see the project from different points of view and realize the project as a whole design concept.

Ready It

Start purchasing your supplies, hiring contractors, and making the first steps towards implementing your Babe Cave design. Getting everything ready ahead of time will help you to avoid forgetting important details.

Prep It

Once you have everything you need, get everything in place for execution. For example, if you are redecorating a room that will need to be painted, go ahead and cover the floors and prime the walls.

Do It

The final step in implementing your BabeCave design idea is to do it. With all of your well thought-out details and with a well-planned course of action, your design idea will come together easily and without much trouble.

How you approach your design idea will greatly affect the overall outcome. Approaching the idea in as detailed and organized a fashion as possible might feel less “in the moment” but it will lead to a more successful outcome overall. Truly allowing your idea to blossom, putting together all of the little details of it and mapping out the project as a whole can help you realize your ideas to their fullest capacity and lead to a more effective outcome.

Balance Your Babe Cave Design Choices

When creating, updating, or renovating any space to create your Babe Cave, it is important to consider the balance of your design choices. The balance of your design is a concept that considers the distribution of visual weight. This means that all the aspects of the space are distributed equally to create the most visually appealing display.

Creating a balanced space will make your Babe Cave more visually pleasing as well as comfortable. This is because the human brain naturally finds symmetry and balance to be comforting and pleasing to the eye. Asymmetrical design choices, while they might seem more interesting and edgy, often lose their appeal quickly.

Factors to Consider for Design Choices

There are many factors to consider when creating a balanced design. These factors are the same no matter the size of the project, although some will be of more or less importance depending on the specifics of the space. Many of these factors are dependent on one another as well. It is best to keep all factors in mind to create a balanced design.

  • Size The size of everything in your Babe Cave project has visual weight. The size of your room needs to be considered, as does the size of all of the major aspects of the room such as doors or windows and the size of the items in the room. For example, the look and feel of a small room will be completely different depending on the size of a window. Or in a very large room, one small focal piece may get lost and feel unnatural.
  • Shape The shape of anything also has visual weight and will affect the balance of your Babe Cave project. The shape of the room or space will certainly affect your design choices. For example, the best window size and placement will be dependent on the shape of the room just as much as the size.
  • Color The colors you choose will also affect the balance of your design. Dark or very bright colors have more visual weight than pale or light colors. What kind of color you use for your BabeCave will affect the balance of your design choice.
  • Texture Much like color, texture will affect the balance as well. Too much or too little texture in any given space may offset the balance of your BabeCave design.
  • Decor Decorative items such as art and other focal pieces greatly affect the balance of the space you are designing. You want to distribute these items throughout your BabeCave in a way that creates symmetry.
  • Orientation Where you put all items affects the symmetry of your BabeCave. Your decorative items, furniture, and even rugs and pillows can affect the balance of your design.
  • Offset Eye-Catchers To create focal pieces that draw the eye in and balance the room, you can use offset items that complement each other. For example, a patterned item in one area of your BabeCave may complement the color of a decorative item on the other side of the room, creating a visually appealing balance.

Balancing your design choices will help create a comfortable and more visually appealing space. Remember: your BabeCave is a reflection of you, designed for you. Make it comfortable, with a balanced design, so it’s a place you love to call your own – your own BabeCave. Forget being a princess – you’re a Babe!