Collectibles: Keep in Babe Cave or Toss?

If you have 500 Beanie Babies, let’s face it: you need another room — a shrine to display your obsessive collectibles.  Hubbles (remember those?), china tea cups, snow globes, Christmas plates, and Princess Diana memorabilia — clear a shelf in another room unless these give you immense pleasure.  If these collections are a source of anxiety (too much money spent, too much effort put into the preservation and protection of the treasures), if these items consciously or unconsciously cause you anxiety in addition to the pride you feel in your “babies,” keep them in another room to admire and rearrange.  In your Babe Cave, what are the few items you truly, even secretly, cherish?  Store the distractions and obsessions.   Keep your Babe Cave (and your mind) clutter free.

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